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"Homeopathy is one of the few medical specialties which carries no penalties -- only benefits." Yehudi Menuhin

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Bowen Therapy

Gentle muscle stimulation suitable for all ages.

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Prevention … Protection … Unplanned consequences

With government policies invading out lives more deeply every day particularly in the area of our health care, we need to be even more knowledgeable about the advantages -v- risks of certain areas of these policies.  The internet can be your best friend, provided you look closely at ALL the factors involved … a bit like the homeopathic approach of considering ALL signs & symptoms, not just ticking boxes.  Yes, I’m talking about vaccination – “the introduction of a “vaccine” into a body to promote antibody production.”  Be aware that this is a medico-legal term and is not the same as immunisation, though mainstream medicine and media interchange them as though they are.  Immunisation is “the means of providing specific protection against most common and damaging pathogens.”

Let’s look at some of the phraseology used:
Immunisation is the means of providing specific protection against most common and damaging pathogens (germs/viruses/fungi/protozoans). Specific immunity can be acquired either by passive or by active immunisation and both modes of immunisation can occur by natural or artificial means.
Naturally Acquired Immunity refers to immunity produced by the body following exposure to antigens (parts of the pathogen).
Naturally Acquired Active Immunity occurs when exposure to different pathogens leads to infections which result in a protective immune response against these pathogens.
Artificially Acquired Active Immunity may be achieved by administering live or dead pathogens or their components.

Vaccination is a medico-legal term for the introduction of a “vaccine” into a body to promote antibody production.
“Vaccine” is any substance used in active immunisation.
“Active Immunisation” is the inoculation, usually by injection of a special antigen to promote antibody production.
Special antigens can be dead bacteria, dead viruses, live (attenuated) viruses, or toxoids (secreted toxins).

Vaccines contain a number of substances, i.e.
Antigens: micro-organisms, either bacteria or viruses, thought to be causing certain infectious diseases. These are whole-cell proteins or just the broken-cell protein envelopes.
Adjuvants – chemical substances which are supposed to enhance the immune response to the vaccine.
Preservatives and tissue fixatives: chemical substances which are supposed to halt any further chemical reactions and putrifaction (decomposition or multiplication) of the live or attenuated (or killed) biological constituents of the vaccine.
All these constituents are toxic, and their toxicity may vary, as a rule, from one batch of vaccine to another.

Every person, whether a parent or not, but including parents and parents-to-be owe it to yourself and your loved ones to research this topic extremely deeply.

Be aware of the risks of both the diseases trumpeted, as well as the risks of vaccination.  At the very least, take a look at the ingredients of today’s vaccines, then research what is known about the safe ingestion amounts of these ingredients as well as the interactions between them.  Look also at the known side effects and contraindications as listed on the manufacturer’s insert sheets.  Research the history of both the diseases, their treatments over the centuries, vaccinations against them, risks of both and weigh up your new-found knowledge and make your decisions to vaccinate from there.

Today’s government policies will make it extremely difficult for some people to not vaccinate.  This includes travel vaccinations as well as those for our precious babies.

How is this relevant to a website owned by a homeopath?

Homeopathy has a long history of effective preventative treatment against diseases.  See my page on Homeoprophylaxis. Unfortunately, homeoprophylaxis is not recognised as a legitimate preventative protocol, regardless of the evidence from around the world.

So where does this leave you?  Historically, homeopaths have developed protocols which may help ease the side effects of vaccination.  These appear to be as valid today as they have been over the past 200 years.  Please contact me for further information.

Homeopathy also has an unsurpassed reputation of helping when the unthinkable but increasing numbers of vaccine injuries occur.  The consequences of vaccine damage range from … localised swelling of the injection site…. to…. long term debilitating “conditions” ….to…. death. Health consequences may not be immediately apparent and can range from … immediate… to mere hours… to years … to take their toll on the body. Be aware that Australia has no compensation system for vaccine damage. Homeopathic treatment for vaccine damage, like we treat everything else, requires the customary individualised treatment on which homeopathy is based and can be a very lengthy process.  Again, please contact me for further information.

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I am a mature age person with a wide variety of life experiences. These greatly enhance my naturally compassionate and fair nature with my ability to truly help my patients. […]

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