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"Homeopathy is one of the few medical specialties which carries no penalties -- only benefits." Yehudi Menuhin

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Bowen Therapy

Gentle muscle stimulation suitable for all ages.

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What can Homeopathy treat?

Homeopaths do not make medical diagnoses.  Homeopathy treats the whole person, so all signs and symptoms are taken into consideration.  A medical diagnosis is helpful to a homeopath only in that it gives us an idea of where the main physical problem/s are being experienced.  Often medical diagnoses are but symptoms that the body is struggling to maintain it’s health condition. The human body is not just a sum of all of it’s parts ….. it is an intrinsic, intelligent, living organism with it’s own unique means of healing and sustaining life.

Whilst pharmaceutical medicine treats a standard set of symptoms common to everyone, It is the differences on which homeopathy focuses. Take hayfever for instance.  Most people will have sneezing with runny nose and eyes. These symptoms are common to this complaint. To find the appropriate remedy for YOU, I need to look further at the symptoms which are individual to YOU. Focusing on the runny nose – what is the discharge like? Thick/thin? Any particular colour? Does it burn or is it quite bland? Same with the eye discharge – a lot? None at all? Burn? Bland? Thick/thin? The answers lead to the remedy for YOU.

How your personality changes when you’re not well is also taken into consideration.  For instance, if you get teary, want lots of comfort foods, hugs & loads of sympathy, you will need a different remedy to your friend who just wants to be left alone, doesn’t want anything to eat or drink and gets cross easily…….. even though both your physical complaints may seem the same eg sneezing, runny nose & eyes.

The list below is a snapshot of the “disease-entities” which can be & have been successfully treated using homeopathy.  As you will see, it is not a complete list, just as the variety, combination and degrees of severity of signs and symptoms experienced by human beings are too numerous to count.

DEPRESSION … ANXIETY … Agorophobia … Alcoholism … Anger … Shyness / Awkwardness … Lack of Concentration … Confusion … Cruelty … Delusions … Destructiveness … Fear … HOMESICKNESS … Apathy / Indifference … Irritability … Jealousy … MANIC DEPRESSIVE STATES … Brain Fag … Restlessness … Sadness … Stammering … Vertigo … Meniere’s Disease … After effects of Head Injuries … Headaches … Migraines … Conjunctivitis … Vision problems … Eye discharges … Styes … Dry eyes … Tearing … Photophobia … Sensitive eyes … GLUE OR SWIMMER’S EARS … Inflammation … Itching … Noises … Pain in Ear … Swelling … Ear wax … Tinnitus … Hay Fever …COUGHS & COLDS … Sinusitis … Snuffly noses … Asthma … Allergic rhinitis … Laryngitis … Pneumonia … PHARYNGITIS … Mouth ulcers …Grinding Teeth … Gingivitis … Haliotosis … Wisdom teeth … Deficient enamel … TOOTHACHE … Sensitive teeth … Sore throats … Tonsillitis … Post-nasal drip … Stiff neck … Difficulty swallowing … Goitre & thyroid problems … ADD … ADHD … OCD … Food intolerances … Poor appetite … ALLERGIES – food, chemical, environmental … Growing pains … LACK OF ENERGY … Menstrual problems … Digestive upsets … Bowel disorders … Constipation … Diarrhoea … Abdominal pain … FLATULENCE … Reflux … “Leaky Gut” … Coeliac symptoms … Diverticulitis … IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME … Crohn’s symptoms … ATHLETES SUPPORT – training, before events, recovery … SPORTS INJURIES – sprains, strains, over-exertion … BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS … AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS … Aspergers … Bedwetting … PARASITIC INFESTATIONS … Candida … Chlamydia … Thrush … Cystitis … SYMPTOMS OF CHRONIC FATIGUE … Diabetes … Duodenal or Gastric Ulcer … Emphysema … Hepatic (Liver) disease … Graves disease … GLANDULAR FEVER … Lymphatic congestion … Skin problems – Acne … Eczema … Dermatitis … Dandruff … Rashes … Herpes (simplex & zoster) … Warts (including genital) … Lichen planus … CHILDHOOD DISEASES … Measles … Mumps … Chicken Pox … COLDS & FLU’S … Tonsillitis … EAR INFECTIONS … Sore throats … Post-viral syndromes … MENSTRUAL DIFFICULTIES … Painful periods … Heavy bleeding … Irregular periods … Pre-menstrual Syndrome symptoms … MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS … hot flushes … night sweats … fatigue … mood swings … hormonal problems … PROSTATE PROBLEMS … Difficult urination … pain … congestion … erectile dysfunction …   & MUCH MORE.


The treatment of long-term ailments with homeopathic medicine is often a lengthy process. On your first visit, I need to spend at least two hours (more if required) with you. This will enable you to describe fully and in your own way your symptoms and medical history as well as any other problems you are experiencing. I need to know if and what pharmaceutical medications you have been prescribed by your doctor. Any changes to these prescriptions must be done under his/her advice and guidance. I particularly and emphatically stress this to you.

A picture of your whole person is vital and areas covered include how you sleep, your dreams, your response to the weather, your worries and fears, your food likes and dislikes, your energy pattern and lifestyle, what makes your symptoms better or worse, and so on.

A major portion of the interview is devoted to understanding your personality. What makes you angry, sad, fearful or anxious? How do you cope with these emotions? Do you like company or not? Are you easy-going or like ‘everything in its place’? And so on! Suppression of emotional issues, even inadvertently, leads to most physical disease, so understanding this aspect is vitally important to my finding the key to your current health picture.

I then match this picture as closely as possible to that of a single homeopathic remedy. Once a remedy is selected, it may be given in one dose or in a series of doses. Just as your remedy is prescribed on a customised, individual basis, so too is the manner in which you need to take it. I take your sensitivity to medicines, your lifestyle choices and state of health into consideration when I give you your remedy.

I spend some time with you at the end of the consultation to address any concerns or questions about the treatment and or remedy. Many of my patients have told me that they feel more confident of the outcome when they are involved in and understand the process. Many also indicate that they feel stronger knowing that their ongoing concerns can be addressed with a short phone call between visits. I also give each new patient a brochure with basic homeopathic information to peruse at their leisure later. This is very much appreciated as the consultation process can be draining and often a totally new experience for many. Trying to take in new information afterwards is not easy and I recommend going through the brochure later.

My patients are always scheduled for a follow-up visit anywhere from two days to two months later. These follow-ups are very important. They allow me to evaluate your response to the remedy administered. You are not in a position to make this judgment. You may feel better and decide that you are better, or you may feel worse and decide the remedy is not working. Either judgment may be completely inappropriate. An apparent improvement may not be moving in the right direction; an apparent worsening may be a therapeutic aggravation. I need to evaluate your case objectively.

A word about homeopathy and pharmaceutical medicine interactions. Homeopathic remedies work on a different level to the pharmaceuticals. This does not mean you stop taking your pharmaceuticals – you must be guided by your doctor’s advice. Many of my patients find that when their general health improves, they can, with their doctor’s advice, reduce the amount of the pharmaceutical medicine taken. This in turn alleviates any side effects they might have been experiencing (and helps the hip pocket too). Patients who must stay on pharmaceuticals often manage the side effects such as nausea, constipation, skin rashes, and the like very successfully using homeopathic remedies. A win-win situation for them no doubt.


These are those short-lived illnesses which, even if left alone, will run their course and you will heal by yourself anyway.  Often they are more annoying, debilitating and not conducive to going to work or school.  Naturally enough, these days, we often do not have the luxury of taking extended time off work or having children away from school for lengthy periods.  The use of homeopathic medicines can greatly alleviate symptoms in a much shorter time frame and allow us to get on with living in a much healthier way.  Have a look at my FREE Homeopathic Medicine First Aid Workshops page and consider participating.  You’ll be so glad you did.


In a word – brilliant!! Remember though, first aid is just that – the FIRST remedy selected to AID the ailment which has JUST HAPPENED. Think of stubbed toes, falls, insect bites, crushed fingertips, minor burns … the list goes on. Pain relief can be almost instantaneous. The whole thing can be alleviated in a fraction of the time taken with pharmaceuticals. See my page on FREE Homeopathic Medicine First Aid Workshops.

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